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Doctors orders



With the weather everywhere, it's too familiar to see your fellow passengers or pedestrian sneezing their way across London. I've so far managed to escape a cold, virus and 'Flu despite sharing breathing space with those who forget to cover their noses - touch wood. Maybe it's to do with the industrial bottle of hand sanitiser I carry around and use after every trip across the Underground. However, I have had a few dates with a rather dishy doctor who lives in Fulham and practises medicine at Kings College Hospital. That is until he caught a chest infection from a patient and was laid up in bed under his doctor's orders. 


Now, they say doctors make the worst patients, and he was all prepared to cancel our date until I thought of a plan B. This involved a Candy Striper outfit, a chic little matching hat and a delicate bedside manner that would have made Florence Nightingale jealous. Suddenly, my date was too eager to stay in bed for this outcall escort appointment, although we had planned to go to the theatre. It's something he didn't want to miss and was prepared to drug himself up for, notwithstanding the meal afterwards at Nobu.


I rang the doorbell, and a pathetic voice called out, "It's on the latch". I strode, following the voice upstairs and into the main bedroom. "Oh, you poor old soul..." I tutted, plumped up his pillows, giving him an eyeful of cleavage. "Let me take your pulse. Ooooh, it's rather fast."


There's much to say about playing Doctors and Nurses with a doctor. It's not just a case of giving a bed bath or a full-body examination. REAL doctors have a way of putting an authentic check on the bits of them they'd instead have checked out...


My patient has since fully recovered thanks to my care and attention and my 'role-play' doctors. He says he is well enough to give me a complete check and examination. Lucky old me, I don't even have to pay to go private.

So if you ever needed one of our naughty fetish or role-play escorts in London, ‘apprentice’ nurse maids tend to your every need. We will indeed have the proper lady thawholl come over to mop your brow and make you feel on top of the world again and back to your usual self in no time!

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