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Posted Date : July 2014

A confident woman

There has been a lot in the press lately about men being intimidated by successful women. The likes of Vicky B, JK Rowling and Hilary Clinton to name but a few are not only successful but pretty blooming ambitious also. I like to get in on their act and rate myself as very successful at anything I put my mind to and

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I love to tease...

As you know, thanks to working for one of London's best escort agencies I have a walk in wardrobe that make Selfridges designers departments jealous. I own more shoes even with my clothes auction blowing a massive hole in my own personal shop in my humble abode. I have discovered websites and shops that I won

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Into darkness?

Tonight I am working by candlelight and the last few battery reserves of my laptop before I'm thrust into darkness. My whole apartment building has had a power cut and by the looks of things, most of my road is out too.  I was laying in the bath, surrounded by jasmine scented candles and list

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Tea for two

You can't go far wrong with a scone, jam and cream. (If a client wants me to join him for a spot of tea and chat in a luxury London hotel.) I never say no.  Today I sauntered into The Savoy at 3pm, dressed to thrill, as only a top London escort does, in a 1940's wiggle dress and Mary-Jane

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A change will come...

There are certain times of the year that I like to have a look at my life, appearance and job and take stock of what is hot and what is not. I don't mean changing my brunette locks to a rich shade of red or a blinging shade on; I mean really looking at having a spring/summer border clean out. My b

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Whatever takes your fancy??

I meet all kinds of people. From Belgravia to Kingston, from New York to Hong Kong. Tall men, short men, confused women and the odd married billionaire; nothing fazes me. As an elite escort I revel in diversity and in the amount of time that I have been doing this, very little has shocked me or made my eyebrows shoo

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A roll in the hay?

There are certain clients whom I get butterflies about when I know I will be entertaining them. This is not in any way meaning that I have feelings for them other than purely professional, I just know what kind of date they will have lined up for their favourite elite escort. I provide the glamour and attentiveness and they provide my wardrobe with

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Order in Court

I love role play. If that could be on my headstone, so be it! I love it when a very high profile clientgets me involved in their work. It is super exciting and they get a massive kick out of it when their job is on the line...especially one as important as Jon's.  Jon is a judge. Not your little court room employment tribunal, a bo

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Relocation relocation?

Someone asked me the other day over cappuccino and biscotti whether I would ever consider moving away for my job? I thought about it for a minute and said "no" then I changed my mind and said "maybe". You see, being self-employed there is no reason why I shouldn’t move around a bit but I am in London and it is the centr

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Come on you blues!!!

My life is not all glitz and glamour. I migh be one of London's best model escorts but I don't go to bed dripping in diamonds and I'm not fed by hired help when I'm not working in my Mayfair home. I do have a Primark onesie to wear when I am lounging around and applying my face mask...granted it is Elemis; but don't mistake that

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Music to my ears?

I am such a happy girl today - what a wonderful 10 hours I have just had in St John’s Wood with Alfie. It didn't cost us anything to be together despite our initial arrangement to picnic in St James's Park with the other revellers enjoying the rare sunshine. We were sitting on his balcony, sipping beer and listening to the radio be

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My Greek wedding?

The GFE - Girlfriend Experience - is one of the many and most frequent role-plays I enjoy in my line of work. Whether we are staying in or going out in London my client always receives all the care he needs as my would-be boyfriend. Basically, I spoil him rotten. So when I answered a call to a regular of mine - Georgio - and pencilled him in for

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Ladies Day?

It's the first day of summer today - so when I opened the curtains in my apartment this morning and saw drizzle and grey skies, I could have wept!  Yesterday I was tanning my legs in brilliant Knightsbridge sunshine; today I am contemplating a coat. What is going on?! And above all else, today is Ladies' Day at Ascot and I have a ra

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Wedding Fever

Wedding fever has been sweeping the elite world for the last few months. I have accompanied many clients to their friend's or colleagues big days and some to their family do's. Friends or colleagues are easy to pass as a new couple; family is more work and research.  You always see on films the old cliché of man/woman meets m

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