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Posted Date : May 2019



We never say no to the theatre

London’s Theatreland attracts visitors every night of the week, with musicals being the biggest draw. People love the heady mix of storytelling with music, especially if they can sing along with the cast.   Many clients specifically ask for a companion to join them for an evening in London’s West End to watch these fun shows.

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Putting Romance back in your life

London is a fun and exciting city for visitors, who are drawn to its incredible cultural and leisure assets. It is also a rather sexy city which can spark the passionate and erotic romance that is quickly kindled when you find yourself alongside a beautiful and charming Agency Pink companion.   We have plenty of beautiful ladies to date,

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Party Soho style

For many, Soho is associated with lively, nocturnal entertainment, but there are still things for you and your beautiful model companion to do during the day. Soho is the perfect place for morning people because the cafes brewing delicious Italian coffee, charming bistros serving brunch and eclectic stores are irresistible. It is no wonder that Soh

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The perfect Girlfriend

Greatly, men fantasise about the ultimate girlfriend – a head-turning, exquisite, jaw-dropping goddess of love that they can put on a pedal stool. You can guarantee that this beauty would not look out of place at any swanky elite affair.  She may be brunette, blonde, British or European; Agency Pink escorts might have that dream girl you

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Liberate yourself

There are loads of fantasies that each individual has, and even if you think your fantasy is a little ‘out there,’ don’t be embarrassed; we’ve heard many of them before.   Fantasies of domination and utter control - Whilst a lot of men who come to us seek sweet young ladies, some desire something a little less swe

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Don't go empty handed

You’ve arrived at a party, and whilst you don’t know too many people there, you see that the dance floor and bar area are filled with stunning young women you never knew were friends of the host!   How many softens happened to you, and how many times have you wished you had made the extra effort to increase your circle of fri

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Need a helping hand?

How do you get experienced in the bedroom? Would it be a good idea to have a few ladies and fumble around and then get a bad reputation for not mastering the proper techniques, or why not hire a London escort to help you?   A pretty good idea. In the right circumstances, the experienced lady would help a guy who didn’t know what he

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Take time to make the effort

Always take the opportunity to remind your wife or girlfriend of how special she is. Try not to let sex become routine. I know it’s easy to let sex slip by the wayside when you have the realities of everyday life and you are tired, but it is worth making an effort rather than thinking you can keep putting it off.   Compliments are

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