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Posted Date : August 2017



Know your lingerie

If you want lingerie as a tool of seduction and to tease and tantalise, the lady needs to feel comfortable in it, we promise you.   Of course, one woman’s idea of what feels comfortable will differ from another’s. At Agency Pink, for example, our agency escorts can feel comfortable in many different forms of lingerie because

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An independant lady

Women like to be independent, and having their bank account and own money is their safety net or to be used for their spending.   We have to wonder if couples have ‘secret bank accounts’ that their partners no nothing about. For example, when clients see our models, they must keep that side of things private!   &nb

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Sugar Babes v Model Escorts

We at Agency Pink pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the escort industry, particularly as it relates to our ladies in London, so today, we will talk about the difference between model escorts and sugar babes. Sugar babes can be male or female, but they tend to be someone younger who is given a set allowance, travel, connections, etc., by

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The basic rules

The best way to be safe in London is for our escort models to work with a reputable agency, like Agency Pink and for our clients to be secure in the company with ladies who are elite London escorts.    Agency Pink want their girls to be safe, so they can often filter out clients who might be dubious, and they put in place various pr

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The group thing

You may want to call a few more model escorts for a group party that you are organising. You can choose what you'd like. Maybe you would like both your chosen International escorts to do an exotic dance for you or your friends, but you won’t be able to keep your eyes off these ladies doing an incredibly sexy dance.     Ima

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We are not prudish

If you think it’s ridiculous to ask – remember it’s your time, and we want to ensure that your time is spent just how you would like it. We’ve heard all the requests under the sun, so don’t be shy to ask an Agency Pink escort for special requests they can be catered for no matter how big or small. For example, if you d

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Knowing the difference

An outcall appointment is where model escorts of your choice will visit you at your location.  In the case of someone visiting the area this is usually a hotel room or perhaps a leased or serviced apartment. If the gentleman is a local, then it may be his home. However, even local gentlemen prefer to rent a hotel room as it offers them anonymi

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Best Blondes in London

Our blonde ladies in London are unquestionably beautiful; however, we select each of our ladies based on several additional criteria to physical looks. We like to make sure that all our girls are happy, comfortable in social situations, confident and outgoing, as well as gracious and, above all, genuinely exciting companions. We pick our girls care

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Do you like to play games?

Agency Pink can provide the best girls to play fun games with our clients, as one of our clients discovered when he called our London escort agency to ask if he could book five of our best ladies. The ladies arrived, and there was no one in the apartment besides the owner and a lot of gym equipment. The Gentleman asked girls to undress to reveal

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Hashtag Agency Pink

The fact that we maintain a Twitter presence means that you can keep abreast of all the things that happen in Agency Pink. All the new London ladies will be listed here. You can contact us with any general enquiries. We do ask, though, that all bookings still be made through our telephone line or online. Our Twitter team do not get involved wi

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Dressing to impress

Most London ladies agree that style and demeanour separate the average man from the irresistible gent. If you just so happen to be a client with no clue, fear not because here’s our helpful guide to making a signature statement that’ll impress the elite London escorts in your life. As a client, would you gasp in absolute horror if yo

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Book yourself a private party

For most men, having two young ladies all to themselves has to be the ultimate fantasy and unfortunately for most, always remains just that but here at Agency Pink we can make that fantasy a reality.  Boasting about your fun and excitement with a double delight experience would make you a legend at work, at Uni or even down your local pub.

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Taking International escorts abroad

If you are looking to book an International escort to travel from London to your destination, you will want to ensure that you make the right decision before asking the said companion to travel all that way. You could be somewhere in Europe or Singapore; either way, you want to not only be pleased with your decision but to be overwhelmed when your

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Hot nights in London

When the evening cools a little, why not turn up the temperature with one of our ladies? Our Agency Pink ladies are probably closer than you think, so if you’ve had a drink or maybe a bite to eat and fancy visiting a young lady before you get on your train, then there is an array of fresh young beauties ready to see you as soon as you wanted.

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Book for the whole day

If you want, you can book one of our escort models for a day out, especially now the weather is a little warmer. She will be able to show you the sights, and you can pop into a café for a bite to eat, sitting outside watching the world go by, chatting about everything and anything.  You will find our ladies very approachable and warm. T

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