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The basic rules

The best way to be safe in London is for our escort models to work with a reputable agency, like Agency Pink and for our clients to be safe in the company with ladies that are elite London escorts. 

Agency Pink want their girls to be safe so they can often filter out clients who might be dubious and they put in place various procedures for helping keep their girls safe. When we do outcall jobs for example, our girls phone the agency to let us know when they have arrived and also very importantly when they are leaving a client. 

Firstly, our London escorts agency makes it clear to clients that money is expected upfront, so there is no risk of services being provided and then a client refusing to pay. If the money isn’t there right from the outset, are girls simply leave.

Sometimes our models get asked to do some role play. There are clients who can’t get particular… services at home, shall we say, so they look to an escort to provide it for them. Most of the time, it’s pretty tame a little light domination for example.

But often there are clients who want nothing more than for you to strip off in front of them so that they can admire a young, beautiful and naked female body. Agency Pink have plenty of those bodies!

Dates are different. Because they tend to take place in restaurants, clubs and bars you always feel safe on those kinds of outings because our ladies are surrounded by other people. But just to be on the very safe side, our elite London escorts will always phone the agency and we give them an idea of how long the date will last.

Our ladies have regular health checks up too, as you can imagine. I use the saying – no glove, no love – and it always works.

There will always be risks when working as an escort, but we guess you could say that of most jobs. Our girls weigh up the risks and the rewards and have decided the rewards vastly outweighed the risks.

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