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Do you like to play games?

Agency Pink can provide the best girls to play some fun games with our clients. As one of our clients discovered when he made a call to our London escort agency to asked if he could book five of our best ladies.

The ladies arrived and there was no one in the apartment apart from the owner and a lot of gym equipment. The Gentleman asked girls to undress to reveal sexy lingerie and to sit and have a go on all of the gym equipment!!

He went around to each escort and corrected their posture and just admired their beautiful bodies, he was like the cat who go the cream, and our girls just knew they were appreciated.

The the client just wanted to be a gym instructor for this evening and that he wanted to be surrounded by sexy ladies.

After he treated them all to champagne and a few high protein snacks, one of the girls was curious to know ‘apart from pretending to by a gym instructor, what would he get out of just ‘watching’? 

He replied: 

‘I get so bored working out, I need something to keep me motivated and to know I’ve had 5 beautiful ladies sat on my gym equipment makes me zone out and remember, so my workout doesn't seem so monotonous’

So you see, if you have a fantasy that you have always wanted to act out and didn’t know how to go about it, then Agency Pink could be just what you need. Why not talk to a member of our team to see whether your fantasy could be fulfilled tonight?

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