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Ladies Day…



It's the first day of summer today - so when I opened the curtains in my apartment this morning and saw drizzle and grey skies, I could have wept! 

Yesterday, I tanned my legs in brilliant Knightsbridge sunshine; today, I am contemplating a coat. What is going on?! And above all else, today is Ladies' Day at Ascot, and I have a rather magnificent little silk outfit to wear with a wide-brimmed hat - that doesn't marry too well with mud splashes! I want a little continuity. Is that too much for a London escort to ask?

Tantrum aside, I was picked up at 9.30 am by Clive in his BMW 4x4. Looking at the width of my hat, he jumped out of the driver’s seat, fetched an umbrella and urged me to remove my headdress (considering he chose it, he should have known better!), encouraging me to lay it on the back seat. With some reluctance, I managed to un-pin myself without getting the feathers wet, then I swung my sheer stockinged legs into the passenger seat, and we were off. Clive updated me on the day I had missed and how well his horses were doing. He didn't mention how the odds were stacked in his favour but winked and promised me a weekend break in Milan after it was over. I smiled widely at the prospect of furthering my suntan complimented by designer shopping. Lady's Day was indeed all I expected. To say there was a sea of colour and fabric was an understatement. Colour big hats, Fabulous fascinators, extreme use of netting, gauze and floristry - how were these women keeping their heads from wobbling off their shoulders?

I haven't enjoyed the fruits of lunch yet - instead, the fruits of fabulous champagne (more!), but I'm looking forward to seeing these dazzling peacocks by the time the rain has soaked them and the booze has them sozzled. Maybe there'll be a middle-class brawl like last year!? Who knows?

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