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Come on you blues!!!

My life is not all glitz and glamour. I migh be one of London's best model escorts but I don't go to bed dripping in diamonds and I'm not fed by hired help when I'm not working in my Mayfair home. I do have a Primark onesie to wear when I am lounging around and applying my face mask...granted it is Elemis; but don't mistake that my world is not filled with designers and no depth. 

I have learned a lot in my career as it were that my clients like what they like and don't what they don't. Just because ‘Bob’ earns millions each year and drives a Bentley doesn't mean he wants to spend his time with me in far out destinations flying on his private jet and not lifting a finger for 4 days. Just because ‘Dougie’ lives in a 10 bedroomed mansion and hasn't needed to work for the last 7 years does it mean that he wants to shop in Harrods and eat in the most lavish of London restaurants.  And...Just because ‘Spencer’ owns most of Canary Wharf’s riverside studios and has possibly the plumiest voice you'll ever hear does it not mean he likes to go to the football and yell like a hooligan at his team...and that's just what he wanted me to accompany him to.

Ahhh ‘Spencer, the successful London realtor. At 43 this gorgeous man has seen the economic climate change for better and for worse but has always come out on top. He loves his job and has a passion for buying and selling property but also has a passion for football. He supports, cheers, eats, breathes and sleeps for his beloved football club and whether he be watching it on the television or in his private box, he wears his shirt with pride...and that means I have to wear my shirt with pride too. Yes, he took me shopping. Not to the fashionable boutiques of Chelsea but to the Chelsea football club store. Oh the things I do in the name of Elite escortism!! Never did I think I would be chanting something about a "Blue Day" along with 50 thousand other people and not care I was freezing cold. Okay, I admit it...I liked it. I could have gone along wearing my finery as we had a private box but "Spencer" much prefers his date to act like they enjoy what he does and I think I would have felt like a bit of a donut wearing stilettos and fully made-up. 

So, like I say; my life is not all glitz and glamour. Working for a London escort agency it is very much do what I'm requested to do. I never fail to please my guys!

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