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Do you ever have a friend with whom you always do a specific thing? It's like going with your best mate to the beauty therapist once a month for a real girly giggle. Or, going shopping with a friend who appreciates Prada's new line coming out and loses sleep over Selfridges sale. Issac is a reliable and stable client who has completely sold me on being his theatre buddy. That may sound silly, being that if a client has booked my time, I will rarely decline. However, as a top escort in London, to commit to one client and book so far in advance is very unheard of in my world. 

Issac is a publisher. He's 40, flirty and very attractive. He's got a great apartment, a fast car and millions of pounds in the bank to do whatever he wishes. For example, his choice of entertainment right now is to spend his hard-earned cash on the theatre. He will see almost every West End show or theatre trip he can, and I will be his theatre buddy.

He's a London man through and through and even books up the show and meal deal. However, he books his hotel himself as he has such high standards. I wouldn't suggest reserving one, even though I have impeccable taste in sleeping establishments. 

I'm sure Issac moonlights as a mystery hotel goer. He will find fault in all suites, penthouses or luxurious rooms. Therefore, he knows precisely what his top 5 are, so he books them when he wants something other than staying in his great pad. And I, his lucky outcall escort and theatre buddy, join him.

We have seen most of London's finest shows, some even twice or thrice. Furthermore, being a well-educated man who loves the written word, you may expect Issac to want to see the classics. But he is like a kid in a sweet shop and loves all the fun West End delights. I’ve even seen him tap his foot or try and remain as cool as a cucumber and completely fail when Dancing Queen was reprised. 

It's okay, though; I'm always up for throwing your hands in the air in anticipation of Summer Nights. We work well as a team, and both enjoy our theatre dates together. But what we love most is our time together in his hotel suite after the curtain has come down. Here, I can give Issac his show for his eyes only. And I'd like to think it's his favourite evening performance. It certainly gets a standing ovation of one kind. Not bad for a theatre buddy ;)

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