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Special Delivery Service

I have many parcels delivered to me via Her Majesty's royal mail special delivery service. More often than not they are products of a rather trigger-happy finger purchasing items on-line, but sometimes things are delivered out of the blue. I like those the most. 


I have international clients who buy me gifts after they come to see me for an in-call escort visit in London. They are still thinking of me as they go through to the departure lounge at the airport. Sometimes they spend fifty quid on perfume and sometimes they land in their home country and buy me something chic and exquisite from a boutique. Parisenne fashions are second-to-none and they know I love a special delivery service. However, enough of being spoilt. This time I want to talk about a fantasy a new client had, that only an open-minded escort like me is willing to indulge. 


Roger is one of my youngest clients with an old-ish name. He is actually Roger X Junior although I'd imagine his friends call him Rog or something similarly trendy. Roger Junior lives in Chelsea and is heir to a family fortune. The money is new and his father came upon his millions by sheer good luck. A little investment in the eighties paid off in the nineties as Roger Junior was being brought into the world. I did say he was young! Now, private-school educated and university graduated, my client wants to spend a little cash on living life indulgently. For example, he wants to treat himself to me.


So there we were in five-star luxury on the outskirts of Surrey, talking about what turns us on. "RJ" said he had always wanted to deliver a package to a bored housewife. She opens the door in her negligee and then ravishes her on the kitchen table like Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange. It did cross my mind briefly that it was quite a stereotype special delivery service fantasy but I could tell how much it meant to him. So I picked up my Filofax and asked him to name his date and place. You'd have thought all his birthdays had come at once! I will forever be held in reverence - I just hope he tells his friends!

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