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Let our ladies dress up for you



Men visit our fantasy escorts for all kinds of reasons, from just needing to blow off some steam to looking for an exceptional kind of encounter. Many men seek something they can't 'get at home'. Maybe an outstanding sexual service or a willingness to indulge in sexual activities which are outside their partner's standard repertoire. 


These activities can be many and varied, but we find that often, there's a common theme running through these desires, and that's to experience some role play. They all want to immerse themselves in a fantasy. Perhaps it's as common as the famous nurse and patient role play or some teacher and pupil interaction, or maybe some are looking for something much more spicy in the form of Mistress and submissive. Still, whatever kind of role play is desired, we're sure that you'll be able to find one of our gorgeous girls who will be happy to oblige.



One of my favourite role-play scenarios involves a naughty nurse. Whether they're treating their patients or providing sexual favours for a doctor, the nurse and her uniform have been the subject of countless fantasies, probably since the days of Florence Nightingale. This is perhaps because they're seen as caring and compassionate women keen to do anything to make you feel good. However, their popularity as the subject of men's fantasies is also probably due to the effect that a traditional nurse's uniform has on men. The current trend of trousers and tunics on hospital wards may have changed the way we view nurses, but the conventional image of tight dress, apron and cap still leaves many men in need of oxygen, especially when the dress is ultra short.



Many of our ladies adore to dress up as nurses and administer their unique brand of care. Whether distributing cool clothes to your heated brow, giving you a thorough examination, or even a refreshing bed bath is entirely down to you. Still, we're sure you'll see a rise in your temperature. Of course, our naughty nurses don't dress in the trousers and tunics of today's wards but prefer to don ultra-short dresses, perhaps in some PVC to make an impact, together with silky stockings and an artfully placed nurse's cap. Imagine it now: your private nurse, dressed to thrill, with considerable assets on show. Imagine her approaching you with a stethoscope, eager to hear how her appearance makes your heart beat faster, and then imagine her practising her nursing skills and feeling a little excited. We bet you are.


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