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Just put on a wigÂ…

What a weekend...I have been very spoilt. Of course, this didn't go un-noticed and I literally performed my ass off for Roger. 

So this weekend saw Roger and I spend probably a year's mortgage repayments on clothes, jewels and dinner. We dined at the very best places over the whole 2 day debacle and stayed in his mansion with the aid of his staff at our beckon call. It really is not hard to live with hired help!

Roger is a politician. He is very rich and very arrogant and very damn sexy. He has blown me away over the last few months by whisking me off to Paris or Madrid at a moment’s notice but hey, if I'm free, I will travel Roger is a great guy despite the rather large ego and ridiculously busy job. He is interesting and has taught me quite a lot about lots of things other than politics. Every time we venture out in London, he always has a rather in depth but very entertaining story about some area or place we visit. 

Roger is a bit of a naughty boy and likes to role play. We role play in his Belgravia home, in my Mayfair splendour, in his office...yes, we have played out many a House of Commons scene but an x rated one. We have managed to go unnoticed which in his line of work and mine it certainly is best to keep discreet. Half of my Jimmy Choo collection is from Roger and most of my Agent Provocateur undies are too. He likes a specific look so I know I can't go wrong with the towering stilettos and an Agent Provocateur Basque. Even when we go abroad he is and wow, does the man know his seasons!

Roger is a stickler for a brunette but he threw me off the other day when he requested a blonde wig with a side order of smutty high class escort but I was just thankful that one of my regulars wasn't changing the escort with the hair colour. 

Blonde or brunette, I know how to keep them!!!!

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