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Escorts always aim to tease



My gorgeous Central London apartment boasts a rather lovely balcony, which is a fantastic sun trap for when the spring and summer months emerge. Chances are a fine thing for having an afternoon off when the sun is shining, but my client today cancelled on me due to a work emergency. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of some time alone and bask in the summer heat. However, I didn't realise that the apartments above me were having a refurbishment and workers were out in force. So, there I am with my teeny bikini, barely covering my bits, lounging on my sun bed. Suddenly, there are about 30 builders all working on this little bit of roof about 20 feet away. Being the voyeuristic, elite London escort that I am, I decided to get a little teasing practice in. After all, we all know the best escorts always aim to tease. Therefore, I decided to call them far more hot under the belt than the 25-degree heat was going to.

Heat things with a little flirt and a tease

Sometimes, it helps to practice some moves on someone along the line to ensure I am more than ready for my wealthy clients. So I went into my boudoir to make them miss me a bit. I reappeared in black sunnies to keep an eye on my prey, but they couldn't see my eyeliner. My hair was tousled casually on the top of my head, and I was wearing the tiniest swimwear anyone could legally get away with in public. Escorts always aim to tease me, and I am an expert in this field. Of course, I brought out my sun cream and oil to lavishly spread on my toned body; no one wants to get burnt now, do they? 

So, there I am, lying with my back arched and my chest out as I attempt to rub where I can about reach. Firstly, I get on my back and shoulders. As I catch one younger-looking builder staring, I give him a wry smile. He smiles back, and I pull my glasses down ever so slightly and wink at him. Poor guy shuffles off, holding his helmet in front of him, and I watch him make excuses to have a comfort break. Next, I stretch my long legs out and carefully rub in the lotion, paying particular attention to my thighs. I roll on my side to get my bum and the backs of my legs. Of course, this has a few more men sweating, and the next thing I hear is the foreman shouting for lunch. What? I can't help if his workers have a terrible attention span, now can I? 

Escorts know what their clients like

There are always specific clients who like a little tease when I entertain them. So, engaging men this way is good practice for me. This does not in any way mean that I play games with my clients other than purely professionally. However, escorts always aim to tea, so I know what kind of date they will have lined up for their favourite naughty escort. For example, I provide glamour and attentiveness, and they feed my wardrobe with fabulous additions. Not to mention my mind with some brilliant and exciting memories too. 

The first date I ever went on with the client I was due to see today was a truly marvellous helicopter ride. We went over the city before we indulged in a lovely al fresco picnic. He didn't cancel on me that time, however. Instead, we enjoyed a personal lunch in a gorgeous plot of land in Surrey. During our time together, my client pointed out all the locations that he owns property in. For example, an apartment in Mayfair, a luscious house in Hampstead Heath, and his favourite, a pretty and idyllic cottage in a remote corner of Surrey. Since we rode to dizzying heights, I have visited his residencies and accompanied him shopping to kit them out.

Always aim to please

I swear my job description should have an interior designer and persona al shopper, counsellor and stylist, to name a few. Now, escorts always aim to tease, and I believe that every good fetish escort should pack for their client, fitting what they have learned about them. After all, I know that this client is very fond of the great outdoors. In addition to this, he also likes to be led. He wants to put his illicit ideas out there and finds it very arousing when I put my unique spin on things.

We have enjoyed many daring interludes together when he has suggested a walk in the country, and I have led him into the woods. He has even booked the entire box at the theatre so I can revel in the culture of the opera undisturbed. But instead, I show him my inner thespian on how wide I can open my mouth while he hits the high notes. For today, he told me to dress comfortably, and he would provide me with wellies when his chauffeur dropped me off at his secret location. Now, I know that wearing said footwear may mean that we will participate in some outdoor activity, which is fine. However, dressing comfortably can be interpreted as adding an elite escort twist”. To cover some scenarios, I pre-packed my bottomless bag of goodies. For example, think gingham and tiny. Though judging by the message to cancel today, I may have to entertain in my bikini and sunglasses. The builder is back from their lunch break, and all eyes are on me. I'm not complaining; escorts always aim to tease me, and I love all this attention and the sunshine.


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