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Do you like enhanced curves?



Some of our ladies have never been one to buy into any surgery to boost or decrease their assets. Some have been very lucky to have naturally large breasts, a tiny waist, curvy hips and a pert round bottom without the need to go under the knife. They are not opposed to the idea of a little nip ‘n’ tuck as gravity takes its toll in later life.

Some ladies don’t need to make religious trips to the gym or follow the strictest diets. It’s not their age or any miracle diet pills needed to keep their elite escort bodies in shape. They are pretty disciplined and get to “work out” a lot with clients, but we think it must just be significant genes.

The places and venues our ladies are fortunate enough to visit are classy and expensive. Still, occasionally, you may get escorts in London from a rival company, arriving with a prosperous business person or wealthy bachelor who has been to the plastic factory many times. 

Each to their own, but some of our ladies are lucky enough to have natural cleavage and more than enough breast to spill over their tiny dresses for the more daring of clients. We know that if our ladies are going to a fantastic Casino in Mayfair or a bar in Park Lane, they will get requests for more flesh on show, but more often than not, it is classy yet very sexy all the way.

Our curvy ladies naturally have had many offers for certain types of work due to their natural figures. It’s all very flattering. They have met film producers, writers, photographers and agents, but they’ve always politely declined their kind work offers. It’s nice, and though one would think it would be fantastic money, they don’t need it. They do enough roleplay and dressing up to be whoever is necessary anyway.

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