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Are uniforms are your thing?



There's just something about the image of a cheeky French maid dressed in an ultra-short black dress on top of white net underskirts, topped with a sparkling white pinny and a white lace cap perched upon her curls. Perhaps it's the way she waves that feather duster in her hand with a naughty glint in her eye as she considers which would be the best part of your anatomy to feel the tickle of her feathers first. Perhaps it's the old custom of landed gentry using their maids at a whim for their sexual pleasure that turns you on so much. The idea is that they're YOUR property and that you can do with them as you will. Whatever your underlying reasons for loving the idea of spending time in the company of one of our fiendishly feisty French maid role-play escorts, we're sure you'll love the experience.


Many of our escorts in London are happy to include role play in their escort services, whether you book them for incalls or outcalls, and we've several escort girls who keep a naughty French maid outfit in their wardrobe just for memorable encounters like this.


Does your fantasy involve a policewoman? I guess it's not got much to do with those hardworking policewomen who pound the London streets every day. Our policewomen are certainly dressed for practicality today, and there's not much of their uniform, which gives rise to fantasy. However, the image of a policewoman of, say, twenty years ago, with their tight skirts and funny little hats, is enough to turn some men on still; when you think about the uniforms worn by policewomen in the state, that's another matter altogether. Imagine it now, the sight of a shapely body dressed in nothing but a short tunic-style dress, with the zip pulled right down, revealing her saucy underwear beneath. Take in the heavy leather utility belt slung low on her slim hips, the handcuffs dangling visibly against the top of her thighs. She's probably wearing one of those hats beloved by the Village People and a sexy pair of Ray Ban Aviators to boot.


Visualise it now; the sexy way in which she swings her truncheon. By the time your passion reaches a crescendo, thinking about how she will use those cuffs, she'll probably need a Taser to keep you at bay. And speaking of cuffs, do you have a fantasy of being chained to the bed while she has her wicked way with you, perhaps using her truncheon to give you a bit of much-needed discipline? Can you imagine the way her full breasts threaten to spill out of her tight top as she leans across to clip those cuffs into place? Are you trying to picture the passion in her eyes, hidden behind the lenses of her shades? We bet you are. Why leave it all to your imagination when you can book one of our fetish escorts and live it out for real today?



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