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Controversy and hiring escorts

There are many exciting aspects related to the controversial side of escort services. Although it is a known fact that many people use the London escorts agencies for their own personal pleasure. Most people are worried that morality in the society will go down. This is because they do not understand how the services work and how these se

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Booking again

If you've enjoyed your time with one of our model escorts, we hope that you'll want to see them again. Maybe you'd like to set up a regular meeting with the same escort, or maybe you'd like to experience some time with one of our other gorgeous girls. If you've had a particularly good time, perhaps you'll want to see her

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A lady for every type of mood

Our escort girls are happy to meet you for whatever kind of evening you have in mind. Our dinner date escorts are always busy... After all, if you're alone in London on business, the last thing you want to do is to spend the evening in your hotel room or sit in a restaurant or bar eating and drinking alone. If this happens to you, our escort

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Do you have to be attractive to meet elite ladies?

Of course, you really don’t. However, we would be quick to add that the London escorts you book through Agency Pink aren’t going to “pretend” to like you anyway. It’s not like that at all with our girls. The high class London escorts we choose to represent (and we really do choose to represent them) really

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Our ladies fit right in

You do not need to feel uneasy about booking an escort – there is no stigma attached as this is the 21st century after all!! Gentleman book escorts for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes we all need that ‘special someone’ for that perfect date, so that is where the genius of ‘escort services’ comes in play. 

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Looks or personality?

For most men the answer is obvious. With the majority of women, including our duo escorts being chosen via their personal galleries it would seem obvious that looks are the more important feature. On the pages of many a decent London escort service, you’ll find that a lot rely heavily on imagery. Very much like our webs

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A rather ?special? client

Many clients at Agency Pink appreciate an all-over tan on their London escorts, that’s for sure. Our ladies have no tan lines at all and are a gorgeous golden colour from head to toe, we’re delighted to report. A tan tends to make you more confident too. It’s difficult to resist a gorgeous girl who struts down the street wi

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Are you confused with the Incall/Outcall term?

Ok, let’s make this a bit simpler for you so you can get to grasps as to what these terms actually mean… An outcall appointment is where the elite lady of your choice will visit you at your location.  In the case of someone visiting the area this is usually a hotel room or perhaps a leased or serviced apartment.  If th

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Breaking up the civilised way

For some people, being single is taboo but sometimes being single is necessary if you want to grow and mature into the person you would like to be. No woman is worth sacrificing your goals or dreams for, no matter how long her legs are or how cute she looks. If you can't be yourself, be respected or be loved for who you are and what you can

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Texting foreplay

In my line of work, I don’t normally give out my mobile number to clients as the escort agency deals with all calls and just gives me details of the client, and tells me when and where I have to meet. But on this occasion it was essential that I gave this client my number. I was under strict instructions to send some truly saucy text a

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A real girlfriend experience

Our ladies always enjoy playing the sweet lunch partner who bats her eyelids and nods agreeably while her client sets the world to rights.   He enjoys the attention and no element of a power struggle because he is the man and she is the perfect woman. The only advice we offer is that the places in London that he may want to entertai

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Impressive ladies you can take anywhere

If you need to impress delegates at a business party or celebrate closing a business deal, our executive escorts at Agency Pink are the best you will find anywhere in London.  If you wish to combine business with pleasure whilst in London, then executive escorts are ideal for both corporate functions and personal companionship. At Agenc

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The cr?me de la cr?me

From professional actresses, beauty pageant winners, models to executive women, these highly elite models are sought after by VIP clients and celebrities who only want the best. Their rates are deliberately high to ensure their clientele are select. The modus operandi of very elite escorts is just different from most mainstream escorts in L

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Paddington?s charms

Paddington is obviously one of the most well-known places in London, but what exactly is there besides a Station? Paddington station however is arguably very famous for the fact that it’s been there since 1838 and was designed by the great Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Of course, that’s only for railway and teddy bear enthusiasts,

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Wonderful ?little extras?

Our ladies may wear very sexy clothes and the most attractive lingerie. They may have the best looks and most beautiful bodies but it’s often other things that drive clients wild. We asked our clients what it is our sexy London escorts do exactly that drives them so crazy with desire and here’s what they picked as their favourit

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Curves Rock!!!

Whether you’re male or female everybody seems to love curves!! Women everywhere are showcasing their assets in clothes that scream ‘look at me!’ while still appearing elegant and sophisticated, and that is the key – to leave something to the imagination until it is time for the big reveal. Busty ladies have always been fa

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A touch of class

Our escorts in London add a touch of class they are well educated, know what they want and are independent strong ladies. All of these ladies do this job out of choice they all have a plan of action and why shouldn’t a good looking lady use her assets to earn a lot of money and make for a better life – not to mention travel the world

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Make our ladies really want you

You might have paid for her company but that doesn’t mean she’ll enjoy yours if it isn’t lighting up the room. Let’s face it, if the person you’re meeting isn’t presentable and in high spirits why would you want to be there. It’s so easy to change that. With just a few simple gestures on your part,

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Why not visit Covent Garden?

Covent Garden in London lies between St. Martin's Lane and Drury Lane and is a lively, quirky area with lots of attractions and diversions for the visitor. The convenient transport links of Holborn, Leicester Square and Charing Cross tube station are all reasons why many clients enjoy the company of high class escorts in Covent Garden and th

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Have you ever wanted to sexy food fight?

Most people think food fights are just a waste of food, but sploshers and sitophilies find them simply titillating. Sploshing is a sexual fetish that involves smearing the body with messy and wet substances. The most common substances used during sploshing are food items, including whipped cream, chocolate sauce, custard, cake and condiments, ju

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Mix and mingle in all social circles

For gentlemen of a certain social standing, it is also important for one’s companion to have the social graces and intelligence befitting the role of elite companion. All our ladies are not only highly skilled in their inter-personal relations but also very well educated. They have the ability to mix and mingle in all social circles and ar

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The allure of the exotic?

If gentlemen in London were asked to describe their ideal looking woman, chances are they would provide a lot of different replies. Indeed, whilst some men would site ‘busty’ and ‘tall’ as being important attributes for their ideal looking woman to have, others might well see ‘petite’ and ‘dusky’ a

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What Happens in Chelsea...

Chelsea is certainly one of our favourite places in the city of London, as it is for a lot of people. There are a lot of places to visit in this fantastic district, some would even argue that there is something for everyone but, we are not sure that is even possible. There are a lot of things to enjoy from the fantastic hotels to restaurants ser

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The convenience of booking our ladies

In today’s world when in our busy lives we look for a no strings attached relation, gentlemen find that our ladies are very convenient for them. Since a lot is expected from a committed relationship, we often look for respite in the company of a lady who expects and demands nothing from us expect our company. In a no string attached re

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A healthy attraction to large breasts

A lot of men prefer to spend their time with busty escorts. Forever men have always had a fascination for women with large breasts. There are a lot of different reasons and suggestions as to try to explain why men are attracted to women who are top heavy. Some developmental scientists have a hypothesis that large breasts are stored with importan

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Top selection in town

Our gallery at Agency Pink is filled with the types of girls you could easily mistake for top catwalk and lingerie models. They have the look the bodies and the style you would associate with these extra sexy types of women however they have none of the drawbacks you might associate with a model type girl and all of the benefits. Some models

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Make an executive decision

Agency Pink escorts is an exclusive London escort agency that prides itself on two things: the beauty of its elite escorts and the varied, yet discreet, services that can be offered to its clients. We know that a gentleman may have tastes and preferences he cannot share with just anyone. There is no need to explain his penchant for a tall, slim

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The best escorts can boost your confidence

Here at Agency Pink we can boast about the sexiest escorts we have to offer, not to mention the very best female escorts in London full stop. We think that’s why our ladies are so great at giving their clients a boost when it comes to confidence and self-esteem. Many men who don’t always have the time to date wome

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The dating game

Our ladies can give the perfect girlfriend experience whenever and whatever time you wanted. Most gentlemen like this idea if they are not ready to settle down or have commitments. They want to see many varieties of ladies of all shapes and cultures and want a bit of ‘spice’ before they take the all-important ‘plunge’. We

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The famous ?Notting Hill?

With so many attractions in Notting Hill and nearby Bayswater, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in the company of your gorgeous Agency Pink escort.  Portobello Road Market at Portobello Road is the best venue for antiques, curiosities and exotic food in Notting Hill; it starts from Chepstow Villas and is big enough to acco

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A Fascinating Variety

Here, everything we do is with the aim of satisfying the needs of our clients. From the best escorts in London to the largest range of services and packages available, we continue to strive to offer our clients the best they can find in London. With the huge number of clients we receive from Chelsea, we also offer a stunning range of girls. We h

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Making business trips a bit more exciting?

Travelling away on business is rarely an enjoyable experience, especially when it involves going to another country. Aside from having to deal with all the fuss of getting from A to B, you also need to be enthusiastic and convivial to your hosts, despite the inevitable effects of jet-lag. And, once the day’s meetings and conferences come t

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Share your experiences...

Travelling through London can be very stressful particularly when the working day is so intense, you feel dumped at a hotel with nothing to do. Even though the hotel itself might be entertaining, being alone can make it seem more alien than it should and might actually hamper your enjoyment of one of the greatest cities on Earth. Escorts in Lond

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Hiring one of our girls is easy?

It is fair to say that modern life is both hectic and unpredictable, and this can often mean that it is difficult, especially for professional men, to meet a partner or maintain a stable relationship. Certainly, work commitments, persistent travelling and personal goals can all conspire to make it almost impossible to even speak to a potential n

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Autumn getaway?

Well, it seems summer is well and truly over. Indeed, the kids are back at school, the good stuff’s back on the T.V and the sudden drop in temperature has got us all complaining about the cold weather. To be sure, one minute we are enjoying some late summer sunshine, the next we are donning cardigans, digging out our winter pyjamas and tur

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Don?t be a hater

When jealousy rears its ugly head, it takes a strong woman to let the bitchy comments fly over her head. It also takes a stronger woman to use those bitchy comments to her advantage.  Imagine if you will a new Agency Pink escort in town. A gorgeous, blonde escort, 20 something with legs to die for and a penthouse apartment in Chelsea to mak

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Just put on a wig?

What a weekend...I have been very spoilt. Of course, this didn't go un-noticed and I literally performed my ass off for Roger.  So this weekend saw Roger and I spend probably a year's mortgage repayments on clothes, jewels and dinner. We dined at the very best places over the whole 2 day debacle and stayed in his mansion with the ai

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Style Guru

I have seen many countries in my line of work. I don't even bat an eyelid now when asked to accompany a client abroad. Once upon a time, I used to phone up my elite colleagues and gush about going to New York or Milan and I still love going to these places but the shine or novelty if you like is slightly lack lustre...unlike my passion for m

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No regrets

Do you ever agree to something and then totally regret it when you can't wash the fake tan off for days after?  Ah, I do get myself into some situations. Being a top model escort there are many occasions where you get whisked off to Milan at a moment’s notice or sent to Harrods to buy something really fabulous in little time but w

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Wedding Fever

Wedding fever has been sweeping the elite world for the last few months. I have accompanied many clients to their friend's or colleagues big days and some to their family do's. Friends or colleagues are easy to pass as a new couple; family is more work and research.  You always see on films the old cliché of man/woman meets m

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I'll be your boss

The art of being a fabulous Agency Pink lady is not to believe you are providing a service, but to believe that you and your client are in it together. All the scandal and hype surrounding my chosen line of work about selling yourself and manipulating men is all a complete load of bleep.  The men (and occasionally women) who I have the plea

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Know your stuff

When I became an elite London escort I wrote a set of rules for myself. Here's a little insight into my rule book... 1) Don't fall for a client. They are just a client! I have seen many girls fall into the trap of not seeing it this way. Some girls who weren't even new to the business had regular clients and ended up giving up their

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Ladies who know how to travel?

Being on holiday in Switzerland recently has really given me the urge to go somewhere a bit warmer this time! I just need to save up first. Easter and skiing have wiped me out to the point where the computer says no. Don't get me wrong, there's room on my MasterCard for a weekend abroad somewhere, but I need my credit limit for emergenci

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Sharing is caring

My Friday evening was spent with friends doing a bi-monthly catch up. We went to Amuse Bouche champagne bar in Soho. We glammed ourselves up and sat at the bar, legs crossed showing the very hint of hold ups below a hemline and sipped cocktails until 1am. Occasionally we accepted the odd drink from an admirer but for the most part, we were too busy

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Adele's Personal Grooming

Personal grooming... if you hadn't already guessed, I spent an absolute fortune on my appearance. You can't beat London for the best hairdressers, beauty parlours, nail bars and tanning salons. And we're not talking the golden orange look of your typical Essex maiden. Oh no, I'm talking about Mayfair Tanning & Waxing Ltd

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A Very Warm Welcome

For those of you who regularly visit our site, we expect you are well acquainted with the intricacies of booking an elite lady. London is home to many of these stunning women and Agency Pink prides itself of being London’s leading introduction agency for London escorts and international escorts. For those who are new to our site and o

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Golden Girls

Tall, sexy, blonde and beautiful; Our Blonde escorts are very easy on the eye - I think most men would agree that we have the best selection of top blonde companions available in London. Even if you prefer a stunning brunette, a gorgeous blonde will still catch your attention and our ladies guarantee to hold that attention. No one real

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Busty London Ladies

Whether you’re male or female everybody seems to love curves!! Women everywhere are showcasing their assets in clothes that scream ‘look at me!’ while still appearing elegant and sophisticated, and that is the key – to leave something to the imagination until it is time for the big reveal. Busty ladies have always been fa

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Euston Surprise

When you think of Euston, you probably think of the train station - and you would be right of course, but did you know that here at Agency Pink we have a fine selection of ladies that reside in this area and have sumptuous apartments for you to visit? How convenient is that, if you do indeed travel to London and use Euston Station

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