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Your concierge can be a godsend



We’ve all seen in the movies the concierge is painted in an attractive light, but to be honest, without them, the hotel wouldn’t run as smoothly, and your little ‘extras’ would be non-existent; and we think that this is very true. 

In medieval times, the concierge was the "keeper of candles" who tended to VIPs visiting the castle. In 19th-century and early 20th-century apartment buildings, especially in Paris, the concierge often had a small apartment on the ground floor, called la loge, and could monitor all comings and goings. 

These days, we use a concierge to book, arrange travel, book ‘sold out' theatre tickets, organise travel, find a table for an exclusive restaurant, rant and basically “achieve the impossible". 

We at Agency Pink are particularly fond of a Concierge that we use regularly.  His name is Thomas. We couldn’t divulge information and tell you which hotel he works for, but Thomas works miracles. When we have new ladies that have just joined us, we send them to Henry.  He is in touch with respected clients who can help a new escort feel relaxed and have a great experience.  In turn, when the client is happy, Thomas gets a big tip. Thomas is an absolute gent, and although he does get rewarded for his recommendations, he really does care for our ladies and would not just send for anyone.  If he had a client with a particular need, he would always ask us to send someone ‘more experienced’.

Thomas has connections with other hotel concierges, so we are well-known and respected.  Now that Agency Pink are very well established, concierges know that our escort agency is an agency they can trust and call upon for their best clients.  We have excellent relationships with many concierges in top-class hotels. So, if you are ever at a loss and need good advice, we are sure the concierge will mention our name.

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