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Yes Mistress!!!!!

We all know that many guys will book an escort for just an hour or so and then never see her again, it’s a common thing. However, more and more men are developing mistress style relationships with their chosen escorts these days and they say it’s a lot more fun...
So what’s a mistress? Well it sort of speaks for itself really. Basically it’s an escort that you see so regularly it’s like she’s your mistress and you’re having an affair. Many men do have an affair, but it’s not very often with girls as gorgeous as those you’ll find here at Agency Pink! And this is the reason many of you are making more and more regular bookings; you’re getting something very special from your relationship with our ladies and it makes us very happy indeed.
We spoke to Derek, one of our regular and very happy clients:
I suppose I’ve started to get hooked really, but it’s not a bad thing because I can afford it. I started off booking a model escort now and then for an hour until I found who I like to call “The Love of my Life.” Now I can’t see any other girl, I’m totally dedicated to her, so much so that it hurts when I can’t get to see her. It’s like having a real relationship. We go out and watch movies; we go to dinner and shows and do everything that you should really do with your wife or girlfriend if they were still into the relationship (which my wife isn’t!)
Derek is a big believer in the “life is too short” philosophy and doesn’t intend to live out his years in an unhappy relationship when there’s one out there for sale! Why not, if you can afford it?
It’s not hard to find your mistress; in fact if you’re reading our blog then you’ve probably already sampled our service, or the services of another agency. The point is that if you find a girl you like and one you can really talk to, you’re already half way there. Consider going out with her if you haven’t already. Perhaps take her to the West End, or book a really fancy suite at The Intercontinental or Claridge’s or something like that. This is how you would treat a mistress if you had one? And remember that it’s the riskiness of the whole thing that makes it even more exciting!

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