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Wonderful ‘little extras’

Our ladies may wear very sexy clothes and the most attractive lingerie. They may have the best looks and most beautiful bodies but it’s often other things that drive clients wild. We asked our clients what it is our sexy London escorts do exactly that drives them so crazy with desire and here’s what they picked as their favourites. 

When our elite London escorts look up into to their clients eyes they seem to instantly transform into a superhero. It can be a moment of complete bliss when one of our darling escorts looks up into your eyes expectantly. The conversation might be free flowing and light hearted. Her body might be close to you when suddenly you notice her looking deep into your eyes. This instantly makes our clients feel like gods. Our escorts make you feel like the only man in the room and it’s nothing short of heavenly.

When men think of a London escort service, they automatically think of ladies wearing very little dresses or a skimpy skirt. Few think of them in skinny jeans and this just might be the sexiest outfit of all. When an escort wears skinny jeans on a date they will no doubt wear the very tightest of jeans possible. The term “fitted” will indeed have developed an entirely new meaning. If you’re lucky enough to watch your escort putting her tight fitting jeans on then you’ll be in for a real treat. Her long hair flowing, arms tensed as she pulls them up and her rather pert and ample bottom somehow managing to fit into them. Those few seconds watching her put them on have been described by some as one of the most arousing sights to behold. 

Even if you find yourself leaning toward busty escorts, we think you’ll agree that still nothing compares to a great sway of the hips. Wherever you are, at whatever point of the night you’re at, your escort might decide to powder her nose or fetch another drink. As she gets up and does so she’ll no doubt saunter over to wherever she’s heading at which point you’ll see the irresistible sway. She isn’t trying to tempt you, she’s simply doing what she does naturally and my goodness it drives clients wild. Seeing the natural sway of our escorts in London is second to none. 

By booking an evening with one of our girls you will get to experience all the wonderful little extras that our clients often say are their favourite things. You’ll find that one escort might do something that another won’t but each and every single one has their own unique little habit that will drive you wild. Make yourself feel like a King and spend an evening gazing into the eyes of a stunning woman or simply indulge yourself in her feminine ways.

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