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Have you ever thought to consider booking an escort? Now, if the thought fills you with dread and you feel it will be even worse than the ‘real thing’, let us assure you that our ladies are compassionate and caring and will want you to feel relaxed and happy in their company.  The best thing about our escorts is they don’t have to be wooed, and they can arrive at your chosen bar or club ready to sit next to you and have a drink – you can go at your own pace, nothing is rushed, and you can talk as much or as little as you want.  Our agency escorts are gorgeous - but don’t feel intimidated as she is approachable and friendly. We are confident that by the end of your evening drink, a little bit of your shyness will have gone, and you will have that all-important confidence welling up inside you, ready to take it to the next level.

You may have never been a hit with the ladies, and shyness always comes in the way of what you want or mean to say.  You may not have been able to approach the ladies you were interested in for fear of rejection. This is only human, and each rejection we have had makes us scared to keep trying for fear of it happening again.  Some other guys you may know don’t mind, or it doesn’t seem to get them down as they have that confidence about them that is very attractive to you, and you only wish you could have half their confidence. These other guys may not look the best; you are far better than them, but it never seems to work for you.

If indeed you did want to take your date to your hotel, you can have her for as long as you would like, providing your funds can run to this. Your thoughtful lady will not rush you in any situation you feel uncomfortable with – but as you have now got to know her and sense at ease, we feel sure that your instincts will kick in and nature will take its course. You must agree that you can experiment with many different ladies to discover your particular type, which will get that all-important confidence you have been lacking.

Why not take a leisurely browse through our website gallery and see which sort of lady you find attractive and that you wouldn’t mind sharing your evening with? All the ladies you visit will probably be the ones you would dare walk up to but find the most attractive. Still, you see, these girls will be honoured to be by your side, and you will l find it an enjoyable experience and nothing like you’ve encountered before where you have miserably failed. We are sure your date with our executive escorts will be a success which will be repeated. We think we will build up your confidence so much that you will wonder how you ever had a problem with ladies before!!!

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