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All our ladies are comfortable in elegant surroundings and have the grace and poise to fit in easily; they can be perfect for you and will turn heads wherever you go. Our dinner date appointments allow for a few hours in the restaurant of your choice. Do let us know in advance the name of the restaurant so that the lady of your choosing can dress appropriately, and then after you have dined in style, you can enjoy the intimate company of your date back in the privacy of your hotel room. If you have a social engagement, the same formalities are applied; however, these arrangements tend to last longer,r and therefore, the date is more extended as appropriate.

Many of our ladies are well-travelled, speak multiple languages, and easily mingle in social circles. Our ladies are discreet and demure in public; however, close the door, and you will find these girls can turn into wildcats. Our gentlemen always deserve the very best in life in all aspects, including the company they keep. Our girls are of the highest calibre and are delightful companions to spend time with. International travel is also a possibility with our travel escorts, so if you have a business trip or indeed a pleasure trip planned, it’s worth remembering that you can always request the company of one of our Agency Pink companions

In some cases, our clients find that an overnight appointment is more suitable, so then it does not matter how long the event goes on for as he can rest assured that, unlike Cinderella, the elite Agency Pink will be able to stay with him long after the clock strikes midnight.

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