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Who said romance id dead?



Romance… is it a modern-day fantasy created by those who read too many Mills and Boon, or is it reality? 

Funnily enough, Olivier, a very successful architect from Paris, gave me an insight into all that is stereotypically French and flowery! I received the appointment booking, and I’ll admit I did get excited by the prospect of seeing this gorgeous Parisian again. The first proper date Olivier took me on was, in fact, in Paris as he whisked me on his private jet to the capital city. We’d met in London a handful of times, always at my apartment, which was always planned well in advance with themes and materials for his pleasure. Still, he did tell me he wanted the girlfriend experience from time to time and to practice the art of a real Frenchman’s native language of love. We walked hand in hand by the Seine and ate at a small family-run restaurant that Olivier had been going to since he was a child. We shopped and talked, and if there could have been classical music playing in the background with hearts and flowers popping out of our heads, there would have been. It may be utterly corny, as most London agency escort standards go, but for a client to show that side of them in their own country and be happy and grateful to do so, I know my job is done.

I have had many a client think they are showing me romance by wining and dining me in the most upmarket restaurant in London and buying me jewels on shopping trips, but this is to show off and prove how big their bank balance and egos, entirely what I believe in my heart (I do have one) that romance should be like if I was ever to endeavour to find it for myself. Romance could be relaxing in each other’s company with a nice meal made and a bath run. It could be a note on the fridge with sweet words and sentiment. Fortunately for my clients, I can take the phoney kind and their presents and play along like the professional London escort I am because that is where I am right now. I enjoy using my imagination or reading Mills and Boon to get inspiration for the passion and desire between us with the flowing nightgowns that fall gracefully off my shoulders as we clinch in the hope that we are playing the part right.

Also, thanks to clients like Olivier, who do not understand that what they teach me is all sinking in to take on to my next client. Oh, I do know how to make a man feel special…

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