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Whatever takes your fancy

In my job as an international escort I meet all kinds of people from all over the world. From from New York to Hong Kong, Milan to Malbourne. Tall men, short men, confused women and the odd married billionaire; nothing fazes me. As an elite escort I revel in diversity and in the amount of time that I have been doing this, very little has shocked me or made my eyebrows shoot into my back pocket. Whatever takes your fancy I say, I am immune to shock, or so I thought. 

The Music Mogul


I went out on a first date with Marco some time ago when he was founder of a new record label. He got to mix with some big stars and was so incredibly busy he didn't have time to find his special someone. Therefore, he sought out my services and residing in Mayfair himself, found my location very convenient. He took me to his labels launch party and thrust into the world of celebrity I was taken aback with his penchant for new and existing acts. Furthermore, I was quite impressed by his diverse music tastes, or at least I was at first. 


So, with date number one complete and afters at a top Knightsbridge hotel, he told me he would call me and arrange some more rendezvous'. 


I'll tell you a little about the man in the music. He's 43, stunningly handsome, charming, witty and clever. A London man, born and bred and incredibly wealthy. For example, Marco owns homes in Mayfair, Hereford and Surrey in the UK. Furthermore, he also has an exquisite villa in the South of France and two studio's in New York. His music library in his Mayfair penthouse is eclectic and interesting and he likes to keep things old school. I spent a long time looking at the rows of CD's, not what I expected to find but whatever takes your fancy and I guess it makes sense.

The Artist In Me


So, in my unshockable state, I didn't think anything of it when Marco asked me to come to his study and perch on the edge of his desk. Whilst he loaded up his state of the art computer he told me that he wanted to show me some artists he loved on YouTube.


I actually thought it was quite sweet that he got so excited and his face turned goofy/childlike as he typed into the search engine... "Best X Factor auditions". Up popped millions of reality TV gold and Marco was in his element. He had discussed with me previously of what I should wear; underwear to match pop, rock and soul music. I had picked out my finest from Selfridge new designer display and I had no idea I would be matching my Dirty Pretty Things camisole to some unknown artists version of Billie Jean. 


Whatever takes your fancy I guess. As nice as some of the artists voice' are, the audience clapping at the end of their performances sure does put a girl off her stride...well, almost!

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