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What makes our ladies so special?



It takes a special kind of woman to be cast at Agency Pink. Elite escorts must be confident in front of the camera, so their portfolio is second to none. But she must also be friendly, adventurous and available. Being asked to fly internationally with 24 hours’ notice is one of our provisos. After all, how many other London girls get the chance to live a jet-setting lifestyle and get paid for it?

What makes a beautiful young woman a sexy London Escort? There are plenty of gorgeous girls in London for our clients to choose from, so what sets the sexy ladies apart from these other head-turners?

The answer to this is her charisma and enviable talent for combining open-mindedness with sensuality. 

We have all nationalities that showcase our books. Eastern European escorts, American, English and Asian girls are also privileged to be an Agency Pink escort. Some of these stunning young ladies are already successful models in their own countries; from glamour to catwalk, they are just looking for a little more excitement - and where better than to find it here? 

Your favourite sexy London lady may be living right next door or across the street; it just takes a phone call to find out if it's true. Why not give us a call and speak to our team of receptionists about these sexy girls in your area? And then you will know why our ladies are so extraordinary...

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