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Research has shown that dark haired women are generally perceived to be more intelligent than blondes. The reasons for this are unknown although it’s assumed that it’s down to one simple fact – that blonde is the most popular colour for women to dye their hair which means that these women are seen as being more focused on their appearance than brunettes.

We’re sure that our blonde escorts are just as intelligent as our brunette escorts however here are some interesting differences between blondes and brunettes.

Natural blondes have more hairs than brunettes with blondes having between 120,000 – 147,000 hairs compared to between 100,000 and 120,000 for brunettes.  The reasons for this stem from the ability of the hairs to protect the scalp from the ultra violet rays of the sun. Darker hair is a better natural barrier as it contains more melanin therefore less hair is needed to do the job. It also tends to be thicker than natural blonde hair too.

Brunette women are quicker to get ready than blondes. According to a study, blondes take an average of six minutes longer to get ready than dark haired women. Even so it takes both over an hour! 

Men’s preference for female hair colour originates from the colour of his own hair.  Research from the early 70s showed that fair haired men were more likely to choose partners with the same hair colour, with the same being true for dark haired men. This doesn’t seem to hold true today, although most men do have a preference for a certain hair colour. 

Women feel more alive when they go blonde. We’ve all heard the saying ‘blondes have more fun’ and it’s been shown that freshly dyed blondes tend to go out more, feel younger and have more confidence than they did before they hit the bottle!

However, whether your preference is for blondes, brunettes or redheads, you can be sure that no matter what their hair colour, our escort agency in London has some of the most intelligent escorts in London.

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