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You might be wondering where many of our girls here at Agency Pink come from. We don’t mean literally destination-wise, but rather what they did before they became escorts in London.

Well you might be surprised at the diverse range of backgrounds we all have here. Contrary to popular opinion we’re not all students. Granted some of us are – some girls have joined us while studying to pay for their ridiculously high tuition fees. 

Other girls come from modelling backgrounds. There are at least a handful of girls here who have been lingerie models in the past. You may be wondering why they would turn their back on what’s perceived as a glamorous career but chatting with the girls it doesn’t seem that way when you hear about the freezing cold hours they had to spend standing around on windswept beaches.

We’ve a girl here at Agency Pink escorts who worked as a personal trainer but got fed up with the long hours for little compensation – especially when she looked at the lives some of her celeb clients had. Rightly she wanted some luxury and time in her life too. Who can blame her?

You might find it difficult to believe, but another girl was an RE teacher! She got fed up with the profession around the same time she lost her faith. She now loves working as an escort in London and her quality of life has gone up enormously in that she doesn’t have to put up with rowdy kids giving her cheek all day.

She was a bit apprehensive about some of the clients at first but now she loves the respect she gets from them – certainly 100 times more than she ever did with the teenagers she had to put up with day in, day out.

And the rest? Well, we have a couple of make-up artists which are extremely popular with the other girls here since they’re so skilled at their craft, a nurse and a couple of women who are married but keen on making their own money rather than asking their husbands all the time. Who can blame them?

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