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Warning Signs that Escorts in London Are Not High Class



When it comes to escorts in London, you get what you pay for… and when you choose an escort who is not high class, you will probably have the wrong time. If you want an enjoyable erotic experience rather than a dodgy one, stay away from girls who work the street. Instead, look for escorts in London on high-quality, reputable websites like ours.
Make sure that the girl has photos and reviews. The reviews should tell you if she was clean, elegant and professional and if her real-life appearance matched her photos. If she doesn’t have any pictures on the website, this is a warning sign that she is not a high-class escort and has something to hide.
Her behaviour when you meet with her can also be a warning sign. Is she put-together and professional, or does she arrive intoxicated and act uncouth? You are paying extra for a classy and elegant companion that you could take to a high-class event, so she should bear the part. If she doesn’t, you can always choose another high-class escort.

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