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Visiting our ladies in their homes

A lot of our London escorts have their own place where you can visit; this is called an in-call. You will be required to go to visit them in very upmarket abodes. This is usually their place of residence so you can be sure it will be a home from home experience.  It maybe perhaps shared with another escort girl.

When you visit our ladies homes from Agency Pink you can expect absolute discretion and a level of comfort that should be at least a little better than you might expect from a less classy agency. Many Agency Pink ladies in-call apartments are luxuriously decorated with excellent facilities for you to enjoy such as: showers, luxurious lounges and king sized beds. 

There are a few reminders that you should respectfully remember when visiting:

Always ask to be invited in and make yourself at home by all means, but please be respectful in our ladies homes.

Don’t outstay your welcome. If your time is up then leave or decide to pay for an extra hour. Please remember that our ladies no matter how accommodating they are, they do work by the hour (just like you) and may have other appointments.

If you’re not going to make it or you’re going to be late please call. There are others who would more than likely love to have your appointment. So please don’t waste anyone’s time.

Please remember you manners, you maybe a little nervous but this shouldn’t come out as rudeness. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised just how often people are rude when they shouldn’t be.

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