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From professional actresses, beauty pageant winners, and models to executive women, these highly elite models are sought by VIP clients and celebrities who only want the best. Their rates are deliberately high to ensure their clientele is selected. The very elite escorts are just different from most mainstream escorts in London. For one, they prefer quality bookings over volume any day, and their availability is more limited. Instead of limiting themselves to one country, many ultra-elite escorts travel internationally to meet clients, and their travel is always in style.

When people think about highly elite escorts or luxury companions, they believe in a sophisticated and exquisitely beautiful model entertaining clients in private jets or impressive penthouses. There is a small group of ultra-elite escorts in London who charge anything from £500 to £1000 an hour, and their services are exclusive to only a few. 

In an industry where a stunning, sensual and skilled escort could be booked for £300 an hour, why do clients bother themselves with ultra-elite escorts? One of the reasons is perception, and very elite escorts are perceived as more refined, classy, beautiful, accomplished, skilled and intelligent. Whilst a £200 an hour escort may blend seamlessly into an elegant event, very elite escorts will be able to impress the business delegates with their language ability (often multi-lingual), tact, poise, knowledge of finance or current affairs, and charisma. In reality, very high-end escorts are natural-born diplomats and have the social grace and intelligence to enthral. Another reason is presentation, and very elite escorts are always neatly dressed in high-end attire. They are stylish, without being provocative, and always carry themselves like a lady. A third reason would be the discretion of booking a very high-end escort: she is not widely advertised, and thus, her escort identity is relatively low-key. 

People sometimes use the adjectives expensive and very high-end. Still, a costly escort (who charges a lot for essential services and personal attributes) and a high-end escort (one with the sophistication and qualities to retain a select, elite clientele) could not be more different. Clients of costly escorts may not use her services again, but the high-end escort, with her emotional intelligence and charismatic personality, will keep her clients loyal.

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