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We focus on the higher end of the market and proudly present carefully selected models and international escorts chosen for their charm, beauty, intelligence and entertaining skills. If you are looking for international escorts in London and you usually expect the finest luxuries in life, then look no further. We offer a prompt, reliable and discreet service and will always do our best to ensure you are delighted and that your companion meets your expectations in every way.


London’s five airports are where it happens for our overseas clients and their international escorts. Indeed, it can be home-from-home for many business people who spend more time in the air than on the ground!



For those who like to people-watch, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick Airports can be a great place to start. Setting aside the families and honeymooners for a moment, there are plenty of worthy candidates who can be spied on over a coffee. Take the suited gentleman with his pretty assistant. Not necessarily his secretary or P.A.! A person can usually tell their working relationship from their body language. Professionals rarely make eye contact, and they will never be tactile. A gentle hand on an arm or a peal of laughter while playing with their hair can reveal so much more. This couple must be off somewhere expensive and private, and they are mixing business with pleasure!




If you are one of these lucky men travelling abroad with a beautiful Agency Pink lady, you will know how this all works. Popping into World Duty-Free for designer perfume, taking advantage of tax-free shopping at Harrods and sipping champagne in the business and first-class lounge is second nature. Think how excited your companion would be if you treated her to something shiny as you enter Departures. Even a pair of designer sunglasses for when she enters the sunshine at your destination. Whether it is the South of France, Milan or Paris, international assignments are our lady's favourite date type!



Although these beautiful women need some notice to accompany you abroad, it probably would be best if you arrange a week in advance or 48 hours ' notice (if it’s short notice.) So, if you want someone to make that trip extra special, call us and let us know where and when, and we will let you know availability. You will be so glad you made that call!


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