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Tidy Apartment, Tidy Mind



There are certain times of the year I like to look at my life. I review my appearance and job and take stock of what is hot and what is not. I don't mean changing my brunette locks to a rich shade of red or a blinding shade of blonde; I suggest looking at having an early spring cleanout. A tidy apartment and a tidy mind it is a thing, and it's a great way to refresh one's life when you're feeling a bit cluttered on all sides of life.


My beautiful Mayfair apartment is faultless, in my opinion. I love the decor, the location and the convenience of shopping in London’s best places. Sometimes, it's nice, though, to have a change around and bring new karma to my space. I am moving the sofa to face another wall or adding new artwork. I was inspired by a client taking me on yet another museum/art gallery trip, and it makes me feel like I've had a massive clearout—a tidy apartment and clean minarets are always the right way forward.

Embrace The Change


Though keeping my hair dark, maybe trying out some new make-up or clothes I wouldn't usually wear always makes me feel like I've had a "me" overhaul. I know what my clients like and what they don't. However, even subtle changes like wearing flats with jeans or wearing more skirts make me feel like I've changed, and I embrace change! Taking a look at my ever-expanding wardrobe and clearing out the season's trends. For example, some will never be coming back into fashion and giving them to the vintage charity shop in Chelsea. A tidy apartment and a tidy mind can benefit more people than just myself, you see. I may not be a philanthropist, but I can do something reasonably altruistic.


I have friends outside the escort circle who regularly like to change things about their lives. One of my closest friends makes sure she changes her hairstyle three times a year and redecorates one room of her home at least once. When we look back through our lives in photo albums, we laugh uproariously at her spiral perms, gamine cuts and shades of colour, from vivid red to brilliant violet. Not to mention the photo's background and where we might have been at that time, the 90s weren’t a good look for anyone, let alone two struggling students in their London digs. 


So, as lunchtime draws nearer, I am looking around my flat, wondering whether I need to fill the various holes I have left in my decor. After throwing out all my "unnecessary" knick-knacks, a tidy apartment and, a clean mind is a great excuse to go shopping...!

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