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There are three basic kinds of 'working girl'

The Streetwalker - think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

The first is the woman who fits the typical image of a call girl; the one who hangs around street corners wearing a low cut top, tiny mini skirt and thigh high boots waiting for the next client. Conjure up a mental picture of Julia Roberts character in the film Pretty Woman and you'll know exactly what we mean. These 'streetwalkers' ply their trade to passing motorists or even people passing by on foot, offering almost anything, albeit usually in the confined space available in the back of a car. These are the women who don't see selling these encounters as a career, but rather something that they do out of necessity to make sure that the bills are paid on time, their kids are fed, or even to get together enough money for their next fix. Prices are low, risks are high, and they're considered to be the bottom rung of the ladder.  

Those girls who work in a parlour or brothel

Moving on from the street or nightwalkers, we find a tier of call girls who work in a brothel alongside other women. They only offer 'in calls', in that the men come to the establishment and request some kind of service. Sometimes this is disguised under the pretence of a massage, where the woman gives the client a massage which usually culminates in a 'happy ending' of one kind or another. Some men stay 'faithful' to their regular call girl, while others prefer to spread their love around and sample a variety of masseuses, but the overriding factor is that these women work in a specified location where the men visit them to take advantage of their services.

The Escort Girls 

The third kind of working girl is the escort. These are the women who mainly do in calls, but rather than working in a brothel or parlour, they work from an apartment with clients pre-booking sessions of varying length, which can be anything from 1 hour to several hours. Some escorts choose to belong to an escort agency, while others prefer to be independent. If they choose to sign up with one of the many escort agencies in London, the agency will usually promote her via their website, organise all her meetings for her, advertise her services. An independent escort will do all this for herself, with many independents choosing to set up their own websites, rather than seeking to simply advertise their services on a card in a phone box, which was once the only way that an escort could find her customers.

Today, things have moved on a little and both agency escorts and independent girls rely on the internet for clients, particularly as many clients will leave recommendations online for other potential clients to read. In addition to the websites set up by escort agencies, you'll find at least three online directories of UK escorts, together with all their contact details, making it easier than ever to book escort services discreetly.

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