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The start of Christmas shopping



As soon as I stepped out of my apartment and joined the pedestrian traffic, I wished I'd stayed in bed. 

I could hardly move three paces forward without banging into someone or having some idiot stop dead in the middle of the pavement to look at something in a window. As it was, the only reason I went out with my purse and umbrella (for it was raining heavily) was to buy a forgotten gift for my cousin's new baby. [I say it was "forgotten" because said baby is three weeks old, and I stopped buying gifts three days before]. What's worse, my mother was the one who screeched down the phone: "I hope you've remembered Francesca!" and I was like, "Who?!" Then, with work and other such fun things, I forgot about it until last night when it hit me in the middle of dinner with Oliver in Covent Garden.

I went into Baby Gap on Oxford Street, bought three sleepsuits with "I Heart Christmas" embroidered on them and made a rapid escape. I almost (ALMOST!) went into Top Shop, saw the queue and turned right round again. Not even I love shopping that much. However, I stopped at a bar for a stiff drink route back home. I just received a text from fellow London escort friends who were only five minutes away, and my bloodstream was yelling, "Vodka!" so what could I do?

So what now for this London lady? I am taking two week's holiday starting Christmas Eve until Monday 7th January. I figured I deserved it, and there are plenty of people from 2014 that I haven't touched base with. Also, I am taking my mum and sister to a spa in Surrey for three days as a Christmas treat I feel we all deserve.

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