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The Shock Factor…

What shocks? I have to say I'm pretty un-shockable these days; it takes a lot to make my jaw drop and as a top escort in London I've seen a lot. That's not to say I don't find things disturbing, but shocking? No.

I don't get shocked when a businessman from 
Belgravia wants to wear silk and satin in the bedroom - I reiterate: that's HIM not me. 

I don't bat an eyelid when a happily married man from Belgravia
 wants to visit his favourite in-call escort in London for a GFE because his wife "doesn't understand his needs like I do" - I have a few of those.

I keep a poker face in transvestite clubs; stay mute in BDSM chambers - unless I am asked to scream - and I certainly don't utter a word when a self-made millionaire from 
Victoria wants to buy me the whole Louis Vuitton range because he is bored and likes to show off.

No, the life of an 
elite London escort is diverse and surprising but certainly not shocking. And the least shocking thing I will be doing today (old hat by my standards) is having a threesome with Gloria - a blonde escort - and self-confessed playboy Julio from Kensington. He likes to think having one brunette babe in red and a blonde playmate in blue is shocking; I don't mean to rain on his parade but Gloria and I have done this routine so many times, it is old hat. The most shocking thing to come out of that is that my red outfit has a lot less material to it than the last one I wore!

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