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The Rules

Our ladies are very pleased with their track record with clients since they have been with our escort London agency . Before they became escorts they were never short of attention with their model looks and wherever they went they found it hard to enjoy their evenings out because of unwanted advances from the wrong kind of man. After entering the world of Agency Pink they realised they enjoy the company in the finer places they were taken on and they could have a good night without the hassle of being pawed by a complete stranger. Our ladies feel in control and they love it, they abided by their own unwritten rules to achieve the success that they have:

  1. Always keep a track of whatever outfits or lingerie they wear with a client. They rarely wear the same couture twice anyway, but if they are entertaining the fussiest of clients who know their Prada from their Puccci they do need to ensure they always look fresh and bang on trend.
  2. If a client has bought a present – our ladies remember. If our ladies are not particularly fond of the gift it is irrelevant. It’s all about flattering our client’s ego to wear or use whatever has been purchased by them. Making that extra effort for our clients goes a long way in our ladies eyes.
  3. Our ladies are always attentive. Remembering certain details of clients gives time together a more personal feel and they will keep coming back if they know that our ladies understand them. E.g. (fantastic girlfriend experiences)
  4. Our ladies keep their luxury apartments looking fabulous if the client is paying a visit, everything must be clean, fresh and smelling lovely. This helps the client relax and not feel he’s amongst personal chaos and clutter.

Simple things like this have kept our ladies busy and our girls have had really good relationships with customers.  Our elite escorts are able to emotionally detach but they are not robots and they do care for some regulars who are genuinely brilliant people, and like to please and fulfil all of their client’s wishes. If you would like to sample some of our ladies and see why lots of clients keep coming back, give our escort agency a call and we will help you make your choice. 

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