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The return of Wedding Fever



The Girlfriend Experience is one of the multiple times I play a vital role in the most current role-play I enjoy in my work. And with the return of wedding fever, there is no shortage of requests for this service. Whether staying in or going out in London, my client always receives all the care he needs as my would-be boyfriend. I spoil him rotten. So, when I answered a call from a regular of mine and pencilled him in for Saturday, I was a little surprised at his request. "I don't want the typical GFE escort service this time, babe," he muttered. "I need you to pretend to be my wife." 

My eyebrows almost shot off my forehead; I raised them that far! I've pretended to be a girlfriend, lover, consort and concubine but never a wife. The nearest I got was the 1950s housewife, and even that was to pick up an iron with curlers in my hair. "I'm going to need a bit more information..." I replied, starting at the beginning." 

Many of my clients are married,d ass and elite models; an escort is the utmost in discretion and sensitive to needs. I appreciate that sometimes a man needs "a little more from life..." Some have a girl in every city; some have a wife and a mistress (never the twain shall meet!). And others want to have something to smile about. Whatever the circumstance, I am a professional. I gleaned much information from my client before we settled on a time and venue.

Playing the wedding escort date part perfectly

His relatives were coming over from Athens en masse for a cousin's wedding. The return of wedding fever means that even big weddings are back on. If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you'll know how big these gatherings can be. Living in South Kensington when everyone else had set up a home in Birmingham meant he had escaped the family grapevine and bachelordom till now. He invented wife, family life and a work promotion to keep nosey aunts at bay. Unfortunately, he hadn't banked on his favourite cousin growing up and getting married when he would be expected to bring said "wife". 

So we met three hours before the rehearsal dinner on Saturday and invented our married life together. Despite needing a reason why we chose our nuptials abroad away from family eyes, I got into it. We even picked out a wedding ring set from Goldsmiths! And I have to say, we passed the test. Yes, we got criticised left, right and centre, but it is the return of wedding fever, and he took most of the flack. I just helped serve the teas and coffees with a perma smile. The only thing that worries me now is how he will reply when they want pictures of his son and heirs....!

The return of Wedding fever has certainly been sweeping the elite world for the last few months. For example, I have accompanied many clients to their friends or colleagues' big days and some to their families. After all, friends or colleagues are easy to pass as a new couple; family is more work and research. You always see in films the old cliché of a man/woman meets for a significant family dinner or function, and then they end up falling in love and living happily ever after. In my case, there will never be happily ever after at the end of a good ole' knees up. However, there will be another date with my delighted clients.

Lavish wedding nuptials and elite escorts

I have always loved a wedding, so I am buzzing about the return of wedding fever. Any excuse for wearing something gorgeous, eating lovely food and having a great laugh? Especially with people you wouldn't usually mingle with in some excellent establishments. As a mature London escort, I have attended numerous weddings in London. In spectacular restaurants and hotels and a lavish lot of weddings in the South of France. I always wear something appropriate no matter what the client requests. In addition, I also always make sure my model figure is clad in something classy and non-limelight-stealing!

Adam, my next wedding buddy, wanted me to wear something sexy and short to his boss's wedding in Surrey. Erm, no thanks, Adam, but I did promise him something special when we got back to his Chelsea apartment. Speaking of something special, another client has asked me to go along to his cousin's wedding in Central London as his girlfriend next month. I obviously will do as I am asked and am getting into character by mocking up some pictures on my phone in case we are asked for anything concrete on each other. Firstly, I am constantly distracted by a photo, I say. He had been getting grief from his family for being single for a long time, he told me. So, with the return of wedding fever, his cousin's wedding is the perfect opportunity to prove to his family that he does have someone special. I always look forward to playing make-believe, so watch this space.


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