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The lure of the West End



It’s all about the style and sophistication of the girls you get in the West End. We’re talking about the girls that reside there; of course, not every girl who visits can inherit these attributes! If you’re a girl who lives in the West End, you’ll soon absorb the culture and assimilate the lifestyle of those around you. It’s a very classy, busy and thriving place, and there’s always something to do.

It may have been a popular song by The Pet Shop Boys, but something extraordinary must be said about West End girls.

First and foremost, what most people tell you about the West End is that it’s a theatre district. They’d be right, of course, and here’s a list of some of the theatres you can catch great shows at; if you Google them, you’ll get a list of what’s on:

The Old Vic

Lyceum Theatre

Lyric Theatre

Drury Lane

The Gielgud Theatre

The Apollo

The Adelphi

You’ll find the best acting world at some of these theatres and many more in the West End. All the greats have been in London performing some of the most critically acclaimed shows in the world.

Anyway, arguably, the best girls to find out more about in the West End are the West End escorts. Those who have seen more of the nightlife and culture with various clients than any other woman in the area. They know and love most the restaurants, they’ve visited so many shows, they understand the best hotels and bars, and they learn just how to keep you well entertained. The West End is their life, and they love living it there... Believe us when we tell you that these London escorts wouldn’t change their career for anything!

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