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The lure of a curvy woman

Someone once told me the shape of the classic glass Coke bottle is so iconic because it is supposed to resemble the body of a curvy woman…

I raise this as a client told me this week my body reminded him of a Coke bottle – curvy, something you wanted very much to hold in your hands and full of fizz and life. I rather liked the description. To be fair to my fellow Agency Pink escorts I told him that we were all like Coke bottles – pop the lid, drink deep and enjoy, which made him laugh.

I aim to please and I aim to entertain…

I started thinking then about what other things I could compare myself to. If we are continuing with the drinks theme, obviously I also think of myself as a champagne kind of girl. I’m not one of the supermarket champagnes that anyone can pick up for a bargain price – ah no, I’m classy, rare and an experience to be sipped and savoured. I’m not a drink to be gulped and hurried.

And I certainly won’t leave you with a thumping head-ache afterwards.

Then, I thought of what animal I considered myself to be. You may think I’m being obvious by saying that I think of myself as a cat, the cat is an independent and discerning kind of beast. And yet, if you know cats well, you know you will be rewarded with a sensuous creature that is exquisite to the touch and which will purr perfectly for you if you stroke it right.

If I was to be a celebrity, I hark back to the past. I look rather like the young Sophia Loren and I too can boast of a body built on pasta. Like all the Latin ladies, I pride myself in my abilities to dress in a way that makes the most of my curves and the ways that I can make a man feel very special indeed. I can also claim Scarlett Johansson as an inspiration. Modern day celebrities often favour a skinny, athletic look and we Agency Pink ladies know that it is not a look that men like.

And finally, if I were some kind of food I would be a chocolate cake made from the purest, darkest chocolate, served in small slices and melt-in-the-mouth. Rich, indulgent and just perfect eaten any time…

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