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The joys of being an escort!

I have been single for a long time. I feel at this time in my life, I am getting everything I need from the line of work that I do. I have many good clients, I fulfil all my gentlemen clients wishes, I accompany them for dinner and dancing, romancing or theatre or museum trips, we make the perfect cultured couples.

Just because I don't choose to settle down and be in a serious relationship, doesn't mean that I don't like the stereotypical romantic dates that are enjoyed by people courting. It's kind of the girlfriend experience with the twist of the chivalrous boyfriend. The sort of date where you spend hours on the phone to your girlfriend discussing what you're going to wear and how nervous you feel because, "giggle", you really like him. Then you get together and go shopping for that perfect outfit to impress him. Not give him the wrong impression of a woman who will `put-out` on the first date; oh no, just enough cleavage or leg to make him desire you and be left wanting more; an arranged date where the man turns up at your door promptly at the designated time to pick you up and take you out. He brings you flowers, kisses you on the cheek and compliments you on how lovely you look. Then you both awkwardly look at each other and grin and feel like teenagers again.

My date this evening will be much like a first date, but with the added bonus of going inside his luxury penthouse suite in the Mayfair boutique hotel that he owns for coffee afterwards. My client for this evening is an international hotel owner who resides for 3 months at a time in his fantastically luxurious 6* hotels which are located in London, New York, Milan, Dubai and Paris. Every time he is in London or has a very important function in one of his overseas resorts he gives his favourite Agency Pink a call and together we wow and entertain his clients and then one another.

With my elite escort model looks and his classy style, we make an interesting couple that people can't take their eyes off us. My client self-proclaims that he is too busy for a full on relationship, but he does love to role play the thrill and excitement of a first date scenario among others. So, he will be picking me up like a true gentleman this evening and taking me out in London for a quiet amorous soiree. We haven't played "first date cahoots" for a long time so I am actually getting butterflies.

This may be my job but if you saw my gorgeous client you would understand the flutters in my stomach. And if you saw my client in his birthday suit well, then you would understand the tingles in my... (Sometimes I have to do the hardest things in my line of work!!)

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