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The freedom to experiment



London escorts, such as those working for Agency Pink, are gorgeous – but can change their appearance if they have a few blonde ladies, for instance, because they believe that blonde escorts have more fun.

Women can use clothes, hair colour, hairstyle and makeup to radically change what they look like, depending on what mood they are in. Of course, men can alter their appearance and wear makeup if they want, but our society tends to frown on such things.

Many women are too scared to cut their hair – and the beauty of being a lady is that there are so many expensive wigs on the market that ladies can try out before they decide to make it permanent. If the gentleman that evening has requested a lady with short hair, then nothing could be simpler than putting on a fantastic, quick sex y wig.

Make-up can differ according to dates accordingly, too. A private encounter should have a different make-up than a dinner date. So for intimate encounters, our girls have natural make-up – a little light dusting of powder to take the shine off, a small amount of mascara and a little bit of lip gloss, and they are good to go.

Agency Pink escorts do like to push the boat out for dinner dates, though. They want to use bold make-up for those kinds of dates. Not the type of makeup which makes you look like a drag queen or as if you are competing on Strictly Come Dancing, but bolder eye shadows and a red lip always work well for them.

And finally, there are clothes. Our ladies are fashion followers and love picking out the best of the new season’s clothing for their dates. They always pick out the items that will match their date best – so it might be something vampy for a dinner date or a bit more girl next door for a quieter date, or it could be something very sensual and elegant for a party.

So, do you see what we mean about women and our chameleon choices? Girl next door, vamp or just fashionable early 20-something, our ladies get to choose every day who they want to be.

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