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I've been in the escort business for a while now and recently I was considering something whilst listening to a rather dull client ramble on about his fears over his company. Johnnie is a clever man who has built his empire in London from selling one small idea to a banker in Canary Wharf and 10 years later he employs that same banker. You notice how I gave you the story in a nutshell? Now he did not and I just dose off thinking of it.

Anyway, he was talking about the global crisis that could impact on his billions and I got to think what career threatening factors could jeopardise my position. There are many things to affect a company but when you run on certain merits on a personal level this is where you would start to break into a bit of a sweat. The escort business is a whole other ball game and the things that might impact my profession are far more personal.

1) Looks. Yes this is a shallow world we live in but I would not be one of the best international escorts if I looked like the back end of a bus would I? My clients have very specific requirements so may pick a brunette over a blonde a large chest over a smaller bosom or full lips over a thinner pout. If my looks suddenly changed and I had terrible skin or my hair started to frizz uncontrollably what sort of top escort would I be?

2) Weight. Again, a shallow world we live in but if I could not work out then I would be the size of a house. I love eating out with clients and no one likes a woman who picks at her food. Keeping in shape is important. I work hard and play hard to be able to maintain my figure and still eat in moderation what I like. For example, if I all of a sudden couldn't be active I would kiss goodbye to my toned curves...and my clients.

3) Passport. Imagine if for some reason I was unable to travel as an escort internationally with clients. A lot of my regular clients live abroad and my diary is booked up to go to Milan or New York quite a lot. Therefore, if I didn't have this little book to allow me out of the country, I would lose a lot of regular work. Not to mention, access to some rather exclusive boutiques that clients have hooked me up with. Thankfully these places have links to some great shops in London that your average Joe won't know about. As a resuly, I need to keep my burgundy book safe to allow me to keep such ties; and clients of course.

So, you see my personal dilemmas for the escort business are no laughing matters. Some are affected by economic growth or changing trends. I am affected by loss of looks and a lost passport. Seems a little, but to me, that's my work and you know you wouldn't want to contact a frizzy, overweight woman with the inability to travel now don't you!?

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