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Not many people are aware of the use of escorts in London - as a tool in the gentle but very vital art of negotiation.

At Agency Pink, we do a lot of business with high-fliers, those businessmen and women who are at the top of their game, who work in high-powered roles and for huge salaries and stakes.

Such men are used to dealing with enormous sums of money, naturally – and they are skilled at negotiating deals which would blow your mind if you knew about them. It’s like monopoly money to you and me – sums so massive they do not seem real.

But if you have considerable negotiations to make, no doubt you are also dealing with other people who are skilled in the arts of business, and they may not want to part with vast sums of money.

And that’s where Agency Pink comes in!

Our top escorts are gorgeous, and having a beautiful woman by your side as you hammer out the nuts and bolts of a business deal can help. They distract, inspire, and, of course, our lady's looks reflect on the person they are with and their organisation – making both look much more attractive. You can see how it works, can’t you?

Only last week, one of our ladies was involved in a job with one of our regular clients – one who only ever uses us to accompany him to the negotiating table. Over the last six months, a few of our agency escorts have worked with him on deals that have netted his company millions of pounds!!

It helps, too, that some of our more elite ladies are well-versed in business.

Although our lady's job is solely to help the client bring in the money, this time, he was so pleased with what our ladies had achieved over the months together that he proposed a little celebration. Of course, such a celebration meant our girls kicking back their heels, so he took them to one of the most expensive bars in the city. There, they drank several bottles of vintage champagne throughout the evening.

And then he mentioned a little bonus – as a thank you for helping him. Our ladies could hardly refuse, and discretion forbids us from mentioning precisely what that sum was, but let’s say some of our ladies are now much closer to finally paying off their mortgage…

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