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The Beautiful Game

I love this time of year for one reason and one reason celebration parties! Now I don't know too much about the beautiful game but I do know that when my clients start to arrange our dates around late kick offs or ask me to have an afternoon in to sit and watch 'a very important match', this is when the escort bookings will start flooding in through my Mayfair apartment letterbox.

I am not one of these women who long to be a WAG. I don't look for a Footballer to run off with and have a great big mansion in the Surrey countryside. I also don't need someone to fund my ever expanding shoe collection; I just love the enormity of the lavish parties the clubs throw. Whether Fulham or Chelsea has been successful or not, there are always some great do's in some fancy hotel in Central London or at an exclusive bar. These occasions are the perfect chance to parade your new Prada or Dior and to check out what the other Elite girlies are wearing. It's not a competition, merely an opportunity to see how well Agency Pink elite escorts shop compared to your average WAG. I get the chance to purchase some real show stoppers in New York. Though I do already go to the most incredible places to wear my finery, there is nothing better than having a 'Manolo off' with your colleagues. 

My regular clients who reside in the more tasteful areas of London like Belgravia and Hampstead are neighbours to many sportsmen. Therefore, being so successful in their fields or being their resident Canary Wharf financial advisers, they are usually near the top of the guest lists. As a result, I always get a request to accompany someone in this beautiful game. I may talk about my outerwear and know a bit of healthy rivalry between the ladies is usually my game of choice. My man-friend for the evening will be looking forward to my underwear as everyone knows you have to team a LBD with minimal smalls and the buzz of the party leaves everyone excited as they leave at 4am.

I say 4am but I am required to fulfil my duties until at least 7am and who am I to argue when I have to play my own championship game to snare my next year’s invite.

So don’t forget our ladies this football season, they will be able to enjoy the ‘the beautiful game’ with you. So organise your party now before our top escorts in London all get booked up.

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