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The allure of the exotic…



If gentlemen in London were asked to describe their ideal-looking woman, chances are they would provide a lot of different replies. Indeed, whilst some men would see ‘busty’ and ‘tall’ as being important attributes for their ideal-looking woman to have, others might well see ‘petite’ and ‘dusky’ as being key draws.

This should come as no surprise as individual tastes ensure the idea of an ideal-looking woman is, of course, unique to each man

However, if you were to tweak the question a little and ask, ‘Where would your ideal-looking woman be from?’ you would most certainly see some far more established trends come to the fore in the answers. To be sure, a good number of men would unsurprisingly say ‘Scandinavia’ and a significant proportion retort with ‘Asia’; without doubt, the biggest continent would reply ‘Latin America’ without even missing a beat.

Well, the answer to this question can be summed up with just one simple word - ‘Exotic’. The Allure of the Exotic

Indeed, it is a long-held truth that Western men believe women from countries like Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Ecuador and Costa Rica to be the most exotic and, by virtue, the most exciting women in the world.

The first reason for this is that the physical appearance of Latin American women is often significantly more appealing to a man than that of ladies from other parts of the world. To be sure, the glorious combination of bronze skin, dark hair and dark eyes conveys a beauty which is beguiling, immediate and natural. And, when you couple this with the fact that Latina physiques are typically very curvy, it is easy to see why Latin American escorts have such mesmeric appeal.

Of course, there are women in other parts of the world with great bodies and good looks; however, many do not have the sensual physicality to embody their femininity in anything the same way. Indeed, South American escorts' intrinsic love of dance and rhythm from an early age ensures that they can move their bodies with confidence and style, which is sexy yet in no way contrived. Indeed, watching a Latin girl move to the rhythms of samba or salsa is perhaps the epitome of watching natural femininity in all its glory. 

Unsurprisingly, London men always meet and spend time with Latin ladies. Fortunately, we here at Agency Pink are well qualified to help make this happen, as we have several Latin lovelies on our books who love nothing more than spending time with gentlemen who know how to treat a lady.

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