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Texting foreplay



In my line of work, I don’t usually give out my mobile number to clients as the escort agency deals with all calls, gives me details of the client and tells me when and where I have to meet. But on this occasion, I needed to provide the client with my number.

I was under strict instructions to send some genuinely saucy text and photo messaging, too, before our hot date.  (Don’t worry. The financial side was all taken care of, and all pictures and texts were deleted afterwards)

The camera quality on my phone is pretty good for what it is. Some mobile telephones boast 12 megapixels and a flash, but mine works in HD. This operates even more to my advantage when I need to send video over the airwaves... I thought I'd sneak a few pictures in of me in my most revealing cream satin lingerie 

I also thought I'd spice things up a little by walking through Chelsea, snapping a few landmarks for authenticity - and then casually throw in that I was sitting in a quiet cafe daring to take pictures down my top while sipping a latte. It's all about titillation rather than seeing it all at once - there would be plenty of time for that in the evening on our date. 

I deliberately use words and phrases that reek of double innuendos. The best way to man's heart is to make him laugh at my brazen cheekiness. When our date came, I wanted him to grab me and tell me, close to my ear, that I'd been driving him mad all day. That's passion. Couple that with a tight pencil skirt that shows off my bottom and a neckline just low enough to make him wonder…

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