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How much time do you spend complimentary therapies? We only ask because some of them – such as vitamin injections and detoxing are lauded by some of the big glossy magazines and Sunday supplements as some of the most powerful beauty therapies around. And certainly some of the girls here at Agency pink also use them.

The question came into our heads after spotting the X Factor guru Simon Cowell all over the tabloids on Saturday. He had been photographed heading off for a regular colonic irrigation session in London’s Chelsea area on Thursday.

We had heard of this form of complementary therapy before and after some research discovered it is also known as colon hydrotherapy. As far as we are led to believe, this treatment in particular is supposed to ensure beautiful clear skin and bright shiny eyes. It just seems a pretty painful way in which to get it! But then Madonna and Jennifer Aniston swear by it and even John Lennon used to sing its praises.

What do our ladies enjoy when it comes to keeping their skin beautifully soft? Our ladies usually pop up to their favourite spa, to get completely enveloped in gorgeous pampering stuff then wrapped in a cellophane and left to bake. Our ladies enjoy a menu of bountiful bodily treats such as reflexology and hot stone therapy,

There is nothing nicer than lying flat down on your stomach with delicately scented warm oil being rubbed into their back. That scent becomes even stronger when the heat of warm pebbles is placed on their backs – weighing you down but definitely not in an unpleasant way. Even the thought of it can perk anyone up.

Of course our escorts are a bit of a dab hand at the old massage business.– as any of our clients will testify. It’s just lovely to lie back and have it done by another professional though. Our girls and some of the other escorts did often take time out to massage each other now and again but they’ve been so busy of late that the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself.

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