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Spa daysÂ…

I have a slight hang-over - I won't lie to you. As with all the evenings I spend in Joseph's company, I was wined and dined till they had to roll me off my bar stool and winch me into a taxi back to Mayfair.

Ambar was amazing! Contemporary touches of deco glamour and bespoke seating create the sense of a stylish liner lounge. It's plush, spacious and spans the full front of the ODEON. Premium cocktails, tempting bar food make it a vibrant new haven where you can linger late into the night. And linger we did, hence my hang over. I'm feeling pretty delicate, I can tell you. Thankfully it was all paid for by the bar's PR Company. I wouldn't want to be the manager signing off our bar bill.

I decided to wake up late and treat this headache with two aspirin and a McMuffin. I'm not in the habit of eating that much grease, but there is something about a McDonalds that cures even the worst of hangovers. Once I'd had ten minutes of fresh air and a gentle stroll down Oxford Street, I was feeling slightly less like I wanted to bark at my fellow pedestrians. I was even sweeter once the McMuffin was in my hand. Yes, I may like a champagne lifestyle but I'm an ordinary girl at heart.

At 12.30pm I met Louis in Covent Garden for an afternoon pampering (his ‘n her style) at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel.  I had already packed my designer holdall en route to buy breakfast, so it was a hop and a skip round the corner to let my stomach settle 'Spa Style'. All I could think about was wrapping up in a fresh bathrobe and being horizontal for a while.

Louis is as close to a gay friend that I will ever get without him being gay. A member of the male-only Nickel Spa, Louis is completely metrosexual (Nickel products only please, darling), heterosexual and overtly sexual. I knew that a 45-minute full body massage would arouse him to the point of dragging me into the Jacuzzi for some sub-foam frolics. I caught his eye over my folded arms and gave him a wink that promised a few "extras" of my own. I knew once the treatments were over and were wrinkled from the hot-tub, he'd want his favourite London escort to moisturise him all over in our luxury room….

And now I am home again; pink, fresh faced and unknotted. You have to love Spa Days (read: small mercies) - and the bonus of planning your week well in advance!

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