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Something sexy for your evening



How’s your week been then, all you lovely clients out there? Here at Agency Pink, we’ve been pretty much working non-stop. We don’t know if it’s the cold weather that makes those who are currently single want to team up with someone delicious and sexy, but the chilly weather certainly doesn’t stop temperatures from soaring.

Every night this week, many of our ladies have been out at a restaurant in town for some intimate al fresco dining. There is just something so liberating and party-like about sipping a glass of wine outdoors, which is very intimate in the colder months when most people want to be in the warm.

Of course, doing this in a busy London eatery doesn’t have the same effect as it would on, say, a balcony in Greece overlooking some beautiful little harbour or colourful market. Still, it’s certainly better than being surrounded by four walls and the miserable faces of fed-up diners because it’s pouring rain outside.

But whatever country you are in, hot or cold, we guarantee you won’t even be bothered about the weather. Being in the company of one of our agency escorts will take you to a place that you’ve never been before.

Our girls are always happy to suggest exciting things to do and go. If you want romance, our ladies can emulate this, too. A girlfriend experience will be at the top of our ladies' priorities, ensuring you have the evening of your life, your hard-earned cash will not be wasted, and guaranteeing you the perfect evening.

So come on, you’ve found us now; stop reading and start looking at our gallery of gorgeous ladies and seek out your date for this evening; you will not be disappointed…

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