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Slim escorts

There are some clients who look specifically for very slim escorts. We guess that isn’t surprising because so many of the female images we see around us on TV, advertising and films are slim so no wonder clients like to seek out similar ladies.

Here at Agency Pink, we have lots of beautiful escorts to meet all preference. Clients often love a really toned look – so girls with long, shapely legs are always going to prove winners. A girl can look fantastic in a short skirt or dress that shows off the length of her legs and we always favour a sky-high heel to make the most of that.

Some like busty girls but big bust isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, we have girls who are smaller in that area too so that if big bboobs do nothing for you, our ladies lacking inches up top can cater for your needs.

Our ladies can wear any clothes and look amazing, and clients often like that about a woman. They like that she can look really elegant and classy in clothing – an evening dress, or a business suit. And if you are looking to book girls for an event, or a glamorous party then our escorts wearing an amazing outfit can add that touch of class and sophistication to your event.

It helps that all of our escort – whether slim or rather more curvy – work hard on their bodies. Even if you are curvy, they need to work that body for it to look good. Check out our gallery and we think you’ll agree that all of our girls fall into the category of toned and in proportion. The beautiful girls from Eastern Europe tend to be the slimmest ones.

Of course, you might be reading this and thinking the opposite. Maybe curvy girls are more your bag and you like your women buxom. Again, as one of the top escort agencies in London we can oblige.


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