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Selecting fine company

More and more of us feel lonely and isolated from each other, and are likely to start to turning to hiring for solace. And it’s not just about the escorting side of things.

Predictions claim that we will soon be paying for platonic relationships too. Could it really be that we will start paying people to listen to us, play sport with us, go for drinks with us and just generally hang out with?

Well, the truth is, people already are paying for non-erotic companionship, and indeed, have been for centuries. In Japan, men have been paying to spend time with the geisha ladies for many centuries, and no erotic contact is paid for, or expected. And in America, for several years now, there has been a rapid growth in so-called ‘Rent-a-Friend’ services.

We behave much more impersonally in cities than we do elsewhere. We see so many people on our way to work in a big city that it just wouldn’t be practical to strike up a conversation with everyone. Just consider how it works on a London tube train in rush hour.

You are up close and personal with several other sweaty commuters, but barely a word is exchanged. It is also difficult to arrange social appointments with real-life friends in big cities, as we all tend to be located so far apart, with so many things taking up our time, that meeting for a coffee isn’t always possible.

Here at Agency Pink, we have been helping people with companionship demands for many years now, so we think that we are well-placed to see how our London escorts could be the right choice for some much-needed personal interaction.


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